Star Wars?

Whoever says Star Wars is the greatest space movie of all time… IS WRONG!

The most epic space tale of the ages has to be Abducted. This is the tale of two men who just thought they were following a bunch of brightly colored lights, end up on the adventure of a lifetime. This video took over two hours to make because of how dark it was getting and all the different lighting we needed.




Thats right the Olympics are back once again. But, they’re a little early this year. The Olympics are a little shorter this year too. We give the Olympics this year a brand new twist though. With games such as arm wrestling and Lincoln Logs these Olympics are ones you are never going to want to miss. This time the video is even taped at a new house (Dan’s). Each year or couple of months we will come out with a new version of these epic games. Be Excited be very excited for this video and future ones. Hope you keep watching!

When President Lincoln was in office a lot of good, but bad things happened to our nation.


Anyway, one day our high school had a bomb threat and we got half the day off. While enjoying our day off of fun, we decided to make a video kind of similar to our day. During our video we invited some new friends into the crew and left out some old ones. Our video takes place during the Civil War, in a heavily wooded forest, where we face many adventures. From snake bites to victories we enjoy it all, and YOU WILL TOO!!

What’s Arbor Day?

Now what is Arbor Day, or is it Harbor? You know with boats and stuff? Anyway… where was I? Oooo yeah, so our next adventure took us into the heart of the forest (where the typewriter was found). We couldn’t figure out what Arbor Day was really about, so we decided to take it out on the trees. Our costumes are amazing in this and THE EFFECTS. Don’t even get me started. Yeah by accident Dan accidentally took out a whole tree, but not on purpose. Don’t think that someone could have really gotten shot, because that is not a real gun. Did you look up yet what Arbor Day really is? Enjoy the Arbor Day Fairy!

No trees were purposely harmed in the making of this video.

Where are they?

One lonely day while watching college football, we decide to play Hide and Go Seek to pass the time. We created this one because nobody was home, and we took advantage of it and used the whole house, for once. This took forever to edit, because our main editor wasn’t there. In this video, some great times are remembered and old friends are brought back. They shouldn’t be too hard to find though.

Back to Back

1.) The Giants victory was epic.

2.) Tom Brady and the other Patriots are sore losers.

3.) Eli deserves it.


5.) Commercials?

Now, were there that many good Super Bowl commercials this year? Everything else was perfect except for those. I mean who pays millions of dollars and has dancing lizards or hearts jumping out of people. What a waste of money.

Anyway, back to the main point Eli and the Giants did what most teams can only dream of doing… BEATING THE PATRIOTS!! Just imagine beating one of the greatest teams ever. The Giants did this through a few simple steps:

1.Containing Tom Brady.09000d5d806800ae_gallery_6001.jpg
2. Doubling up Randy Moss.moss1.jpg

3. Fighting till the end.

4. Keep possession.

5.Not taking their eyes off the Prize.


    So by executing this plan they achieved this:




    Our next adventure, The Magic Typewriter, took us into the forest where we laid our eyes upon this magical box. Back at the lab we discover that it is a magic typewriter! Now let me stop for a second and say, what would you do if you had unlimited wishes from a TYPEWRITER!? Go all out or be sensible about it? We chose somewhere in the middle. We carefully picked our wishes, even though some were regretted, throughout the story. Do you think the wishes will get out of hand? Lets take a look.